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An astoundingly powerful rechargeable pocket torch which puts an almighty 1000 lumens of light in th..


In Einstein's days flashlights weighed much more than the K1 and produced just a fraction of the lig..


When we designed the L7, our main idea was to create a flashlight that withstands extreme heat and c..


The pocket-sized Ledlenser P3 is a wonder of German engineering. It features the most innovative lig..


The P3R is LED Lenser’s smallest-ever rechargeable hand torch. Despite weighing 42g, it beams out an..


No matter whether you inspect the undercarriage of a car, replace a fuse or are an industrial worker..


The Ledlenser P4X is a handy LED torch that fits comfortably in your pocket. Despite its small size,..


The lightweight P5 suits itself to everyday use and can be slipped into the kitchen drawer, bag, or ..


The miniature K1L torch weighs only a few grams and very easily fits onto your daily set of keys. Mu..


The T2 LED lenser torch is designed within a tactical body to make it strong and dependable in diffi..


Whether for leisure or professional use, few torches offer lighting variety the T2QC LED Torch can, ..


The LED Lenser T7.2 features all of the benefits of the P7.2 but is housed in a 'tactical' style bod..

54.00€ 59.00€

The TT Tac torch is a small-bodied, tactical-style hand torch which has been specially designed to m..

47.00€ 49.00€

LED Lenser P7QC žibintuvėlis su keturių skirtingų spalvų LED diodais. Pagamintas populiaraus ir laik..


LED prožektorius Hugsby P2 LED tipas: CREE Q5-WCColor BIN: WhiteTotal Emitters: 1Battery Config..


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Kišeniniai žibintuvėliai ir prožektoriai


Antanas T. (Fenix TK75 2018 )

Galingas prožektorius, patiko.

Virgis (Ultravioletinis LED UV 1W žibintuvėlis)

Patogus žibintuvėlis, gera kaina.

Jokūbas (Fenix HL60R USB pakraunamas žibintuvėlis, juodas)

Geriausia ką esu išbandęs iš Fenix žibintuvėlių ant galvos. Naudoju naktiniuose žygiuose.