Ledlenser MT10 žibintuvėlio, Outdoor komplektas

Ledlenser MT10 žibintuvėlio, Outdoor komplektas

  • Gamintojas:LED Lenser
  • Prekės kodas: 502050
  • Prieinamumas: Išparduota
  • 157.00€

- ARBA -

Ledlenser MT10 Outdoor Set is a set consisting of a perfect Ledlenser MT10 flashlight and accessories: switch on the cable (501024), magnetic assembly (501033), filters (501038). The whole is packed in a practical bag to carry.

MT10 flashlight

This very compact but efficient flashlight calmly beats nature by head. Thanks to its Front Switch button, it can be easily operated and charged via USB 3.0 worldwide. MT10 does not have to hide from any challenge. Nor does it - thanks to the practical Pocket-Clip.

  • Xtreme LED diode
  • Repeated charging
  • Smart Light Technology (SLT) With a microcontroller
  • Light functions:
  • Power - high light output in every situation
  • Low Power - economical light for long periods of use, glare-free reading and work
  • Mid Power - average light output in every situation
  • Strobe - flashes of light with an annoying glare effect, among others for self-defense
  • Special functions:
  • Transportation Lock - prevents accidental activation of the flashlight
  • Energy Management System:
  • Charge Indicator - shows the current battery charge status
  • Battery Indicator - shows the current battery level
  • Advanced Focus System (AFS) Advanced focusing system Uniform circle of light (diffused) Sharp beam of long range light (focused)
  • Speed ​​Focus (focusing with one hand)
  • Solid housing made of hardened aluminum

Cable switch for Ledlenser MT10 flashlight enables remote control of the flashlight light. It has two buttons: 1. steady light; 2. light when holding. Cable length: 30 - 50 mm.
Magnetic mounting Made of hardened black anodized aluminum, it has two very strong neodymium magnets. For comfort (not scratching the surface), the magnets have a rubber cover. The set includes rubber pads of two thicknesses. Dimensions 76.2 x 50 x 40 mm. Weight: 140 g
Filter set A set of 4 glass filters in rubber adapters for the Ledlenser MT10 torch that change the light color into: red; green; yellow; blue. Wipes cloth included. Diameter 32.5 mm. The filters also match other flashlights with the diameter of the head.

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