Ledlenser Solidline SH2 žibintuvėlis

Ledlenser Solidline SH2 žibintuvėlis

  • Gamintojas:LED Lenser
  • Prekės kodas: 502203
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • 26.00€

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Ledlenser Solidline ST5 Black, a small, handy flashlight with the function of focusing and diffusing light.

Ledlenser Solidline ST5 Black is the perfect choice for people who need a light and powerful torch for everyday use. Equipped with a durable, aluminum structure with a properly profiled lens and an efficient LED diode, it emits a bright beam with a value of up to 150 lm and a range of up to 75 m. There is a circle of evenly diffused light, the diameter of which can be adjusted thanks to the Advanced Focus System ™ technology. The narrow beam allows for accurate illumination of distant targets, while the wide beam is perfect for short distances. In addition, the Rapid Focus technology allows you to adjust the width of the light beam with one hand, and thanks to the use of a convenient switch, the general change of modes in the flashlight is made very quickly and smoothly. Ledlenser Solidline ST5 Black has 3 brightness levels, so that you can perfectly adjust the lighting to your needs. The whole is complemented by a universal power supply. Ultimately, the manufacturer recommends using a traditional AA alkaline battery, but you can also power the flashlight with a 1.2V AA NiMH battery.

Ledlenser Solidline SH2 Black, light, robust headlamp ideal for outdoor activities.

Ledenser Solidline SH2 Black has a durable, very compact polycarbonate structure. Due to its low weight (52 g) and the classic method of feeding it is extremely practical to use. It is perfect for cycling, rollerblading, hiking or running in the field. It is equipped with a bright diode emitting neutral light with a maximum power of 200 lm and an effective range of 155 m. perfectly match the light to virtually any activity. The flashlight has 3 brightness modes of white light and an additional red LED. In addition, Solidline SH2 Black has been equipped with an advanced optical system allows you to quickly and efficiently focus or disperse the stream with a movable head

Model Solidline SH2 Black it is powered by classic AAA alkaline batteries, but the manufacturer allows the use of AAA NiMH 1.2V batteries. In addition, the housing made of durable materials allows for quick replacement of the power supply, and at the same time ensures adequate durability and tightness (IP54). A great advantage is also a comfortable, adjustable elastic band with the possibility of complete detachment.

  • Features:
  • Durable, lightweight materials
  • Minimalistic, comfortable design
  • Moving head - deflection angle 60 degrees
  • Efficient, bright LED diode
  • Additional red LED
  • Easy-to-use
  • The ability to change the beam width with one hand - focused / diffused
  • Convenient switch
  • Quick change of modes
  • Flexible, adjustable headband
  • Battery powered
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Light source: 1 x High Power LED
  • Power source: 3 x AAA or 3 x AAA NiMH 1.2V
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Weight: 52 g (without batteries)
  • Light Modes:
  • Boost 200 lm / 155 m
  • Power 100 lm / 120 m / 7 h
  • Low power 20 lm / 20 m / 25 h
  • Included:
  • a flashlight
  • batteries
  • instruction

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