Describing Acebeam's new X70 as "bright" is like saying a hurricane or typhoon is "windy". Delivering an unprecedented 60,000 lumens in a 1,115metre beam. The lumens are served up by a Cree XHP35 HI chip backed by 12 Cree XHP70.2 emitters, fuelled by a rechargeable battery pack with 8 Sony VTC6 18650 lithium ion batteries, and focused by a complex reflector into an epic beam, brilliantly lighting objects as far as you can see. The heat from these LEDs is dissipated by a centrifugal fan built into the carrying handle and powered by a separate rechargeable 18650 cell, allowing the X70 to sustain outputs of up to 18,000 lumens for 50 minutes and blast out 25,000 lumens for 8 minutes or 60,000 lumens for nearly a minute – durations which are not practical without active cooling. The X70 represents a new benchmark in portable lighting. Darkness stands no chance against anyone armed with this flashlight, which is uniquely suited to search-and-rescue, military and marine operations, forestry and game-park management, and so much more.

  • 12 x CREE® XHP70.2 &1*CREE® XHP35 High Intensity
  • 60000 lumens
  • Underwater 10 meters
  • 8*18650 Battery(Sony VTC6)
  • Utilizes 12 x CREE XHP70.2 LEDs plus a CREE XHP35 HI LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Max 60000 lumens output
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery pack combining 8x18650 batteries
  • ECO Mode
  • Ultra Low: 625lms, 24 hours;
  • Low: 3250lms, 5 hours;
  • Med: 8000lms, 2 hours;
  • High: 15000lms~11000lms, 40 minutes + 15 minutes; 
  • Turbo: 35000lms~15000lms, 2 minutes + 1 hour; 
  • Strobe: 10000lms, 3.5 hours;
  • Power Mode:
  • Ultra Low: 625lms, 24 hours;
  • Low: 3250lms, 5 hours;
  • Med: 8000lms, 2 hours;
  • High: 25000lms~16000lms, 8 minutes + 48 minutes; 
  • Turbo: 60000lms~15000lms, 55 seconds + 50 minutes; 
  • Strobe: 10000lms, 3.5 hours;
  • Battery Indicator:
  • When the voltage is below 12V, it is Red light;
  • When the voltage is below 11.5V, it is Red flash light; 
  • When the voltage is below 10.5V, it is powered off. 
  • Charging:
  • X70 can be charged by the equipped AC charger or DC Car charger. 
  • The built-in power indicator RED means in charging, and GREEN means fully charged. 
  • Charging current is 2.5A, and charging time is 3 hours. 
  • External Head Dissipation Fan Battery Indicator:
  • When the indicator is GREEN, the battery is full capacity; 
  • When the indicator is RED, the battery needs to be changed or charged. 
  • Max runtime: 24 hours
  • Max beam distance: 1115 meters
  • Size(mm): 280.85 (length) x 116.0(head dia) x 51(tube dia)
  • Weight: 1819g (with battery pack)
  • Peak beam intensity: 311000cd
  • Waterproof: 10 meters submersible
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish;
  • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance;
  • Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long run time;
  • External heat dissipation fan system design for more effective cooling of the flashlight body;
  • Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety;
  • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance;
  • Smooth reflector for max light output and maximum highly focused beam distance;
  • Streamlined body design with tactical knurling for firm grip.

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Acebeam X70 galingas prožektorius 60000Lm

  • Gamintojas: AceBeam
  • Prekės kodas: X70
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • 525.00€

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