Šviečianti apyrankė JOGG, 15 lm

Šviečianti apyrankė JOGG, 15 lm

  • Gamintojas:Mactronic
  • Prekės kodas: AAC0011
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • 5.95€

- ARBA -

Headband with red LED light, visible from a distance of 500m. It is fastened with Velcro, so you can easily fasten it to fit your needs and fasten it on your arms or leg. The strap is long enough that you can put it on your shoulder even in a jacket. The transparent silicone band is an excellent product for anyone who wants to feel safe after dark. In particular, we recommend this product to runners and cyclists.
warning band with Mactronic JOGG AAC0011 diodes

  • 2 red LEDs
    light visible from a distance of 500m
    three lighting modes: permanent, flashing fast, flashing slow
  • Light power [lm]        15
  • Time and modes of operation        
  •     permanent - 40 h
  •     pulsed fast - 40 hours
  •     pulsating slow - 40 hours
  • Source of light     red LED
  • Type of power supply        battery
  • Power        
  •     2 x CR2032
  • Light range [m]        500 distance from which the user is visible
  • Weight [g]        50
  • dimensions        196x 35 x 14 mm
  • Kit Contents        
  • flashlight , batteries
  • Destiny        outdoors
  • Additional information    the product has CE marking

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